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ELO CPAs & Advisors provides value-based business consulting services built upon technical knowledge, practical experience, and interpersonal communication skills. Our experienced team will help direct your business toward improved operations, strengthen management-employee relationships, and define and implement an effective plan for transitioning to ensure your business’s future.

Our extensive expertise and resources at ELO CPAs & Advisors span across many business areas and business consultation roles. Our services are designed to help you resolve potential issues, maximize opportunities and grow your business. Rely on ELO for more efficient and effective procedures and facilitating off-site strategic meetings. Our CPAs and and advisors can help your company leverage proven business ideas to improve working capital and create a sound business financial plan.

Count on our expert business consultants provide real-world, bottom-line value to your organization.

Succession and Exit Planning

  • Family organizations
  • Internal management/employees
  • Competitor interests or outside third parties
  • Buy-sell and non-compete agreements
  • Long-term tax considerations

Strategic Business Planning

  • Reporting systems
  • Production cost controls
  • Revenue and profit margins
  • Labor costs and efficiencies
  • Overhead identification and management
  • Risk management considerations

Business Analysis

  • Financial projections and forecasts
  • Historical analysis
  • Comparative industry standards
  • Budget-to-actual comparisons

Estate and Gift Planning

  • Transfer of business equity interests
  • Trusts or alternative entity structures
  • Family/Philanthropic considerations
  • Long-term tax considerations